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July 26, 2011

Project Tie

A few months ago, I stopped by Mood and B&J fabrics to find a nice tie fabric for my dad. That was when I realized that I know nothing about what makes a tasteful tie, not only in regards to fabric but also the width, etc. I know what kind of tie I would probably wear as a guy - skinny, minimal - but my dad is not an emo rocker or tweed blazer-wearing indie guy (though, hey, neither am I). I must admit, though, I went through a huge Interpol phase in 7th grade and may or may not have worn ties now and then...notable outfit - black tie, white button down, gray blazer, lame hair, black skirt, slip on Vans. Those were the days x_x Anyway, I tried calling Ed & Mack for some tie advice, to no avail. I called my mom to ask what kind of ties my dad wears, and she sent me a couple of pictures. Still couldn't find something...

I recently revisited project make-dad-a-tie and found some tie silk + lining at Mood. I looked at these different tutorials and patterns and took something from each.

Puking Pastilles - I used the pattern from here. The idea of a "rather thick tie with a nice fat knot" turned me off, so I didn't line the whole thing. I also reduced the width.
The Purl Bee - I slip-stitched on the lining pieces as in this tutorial.
How to make a custom made bespoke tie - I considered this probably the "real" way to make a tie. Next time maybe I'll try a wool interlining. I loosely followed the keeper instructions here.

I gifted this to my dad yesterday, and he said he'll wear it this week! As it turns out, my dad, since moving to Jakarta, has been opting to wear formal batik shirts to work instead of the ol' suit and tie! My mom says he stills wears ties sometimes, though I think she's just being nice, haha. Pictures later hopefully.

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